Nic Soper


BA, LL.B, University of Canterbury

Nic Soper copy

Admitted to the Bar in 1986, Nic has always been a court lawyer and now heads Anderson Lloyd’s litigation department. As a specialist litigator he has been able to focus on clients’ specific needs when they find themselves in a conflict situation requiring resolution.

His areas of practice encompass all manner of disputes including criminal, employment, fisheries, health and safety, construction, insolvency and all aspects of civil and commercial litigation. Nic’s experience in such diverse areas of potential or actual litigation mean he is well equipped to address and deal with any instructions that require a high level of advocacy.

A skilled litigator must have the ability to persuasively advocate on a client’s behalf. Nic believes that is one of his primary skills.

He has represented clients in over 40 jury trials, ranging from allegations of white collar crime to charges of murder, and many other defended hearings in criminal or departmental prosecutions. Nic has been involved in more than 50 serious harm investigations and/or prosecutions for alleged health and safety offences, including those involving multiple fatalities such as the Pike River disaster. He has also acted for a number of the South Island’s largest employers on employment matters including contract negotiations, disciplinary investigations and hearings before various judicial forums.

Nic is a nationally recognised expert on fisheries law particularly in relation to enforcement and prosecutions. In more recent years his practice has focused on civil and commercial litigation encompassing insolvency, construction disputes, professional negligence claims and insurance matters.

Nic enjoys the cut and thrust of litigation either in negotiations, alternative dispute situations or the adversarial arena of the court room. His primary objective is always to achieve the best possible outcome for his client, whatever in the circumstances that might be. He thrives on hard cases where the pathway to success is both difficult and constantly challenging.

Nic is a director of several private companies and a member of legal groups such as the New Zealand Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the New Zealand Criminal Bar Association, the Employment Lawyers Association and the LEADR association of dispute resolvers.